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September 21, 2013 Traditional Festival in Tono, Iwate, Japan "SHISHI-ODORI" 〜Deer-Dance〜 Blog http://ningen.info/2013/09/24/鹿踊りの映像/
Introduction "Tokyo National Museum & Kaiyodo official figure project, archaeological miniatures" 1.Jar with human mask decorations 2.Dogu (clay figurine) 3.Dancing people(terra-cotta tomb figurine) 4.Dancing people(terra-cotta tomb figurine) 5.Dotaku (bell-shaped bronze) 6.Dog(terra-cotta tomb figurine) Film and Sound by Kenichi Sasaki Blog http://ningen.info/2010/12/06/348/
It is the southern bend typical house built before about 200 years from now. 〜 in Tono, Iwate, Japan
2011 02/06 [Sun] @TOKYO CULTURE CLUTUREAt Miraikan, Tokyo Film and Music Kenichi Sasaki (Blog 1, 2, 3)
Otona no Kagaku Vol30 supplement "THEO JENSEN'S MINI STRANDBEEST" Film and Music: Kenichi Sasaki (Music Nikutarashii OngakuBlog
"HistoryMeeting" Harley-Davidson Rikuyu
This contemporary dance film was shot in where had once been a school. I made this film to capture an afterimage of children at that time through the dance. It has been 30 years since the school was abolished, but the air of excitement still remains. Cast 舞踊家/Dancer 東海林 靖志/YASUSHI SHOJI http://shojiyasushi.com YASUSHI SHOJI: INTERVIEW https://vimeo.com/130421615 Special Thanks to 飛生アートコミュニティー/TOBIU ART COMMUNITY http://www.tobiu.com http://tobiucamp.com In Association With 小田 岳史/TAKESHI ODA (Jpeg) http://j-peg.me Directed by 佐々木 謙一/KENICHI SASAKI (JENNY WREN BROCKOVICH FILMS) http://jennywrenbrockovich.com  
YASUSHI SHOJI http://shojiyasushi.com https://vimeo.com/135424756 KENICHI SASAKI http://jennywrenbrockovich.com MUSIC: "(Don't Want to Hear) Nothing Bad About Lester" by Cagey House (http://themuseinmusic.com/2010/10/01/discography-cagey-house/)