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September 21, 2013 Traditional Festival in Tono, Iwate, Japan "SHISHI-ODORI" 〜Deer-Dance〜 Blog http://ningen.info/2013/09/24/鹿踊りの映像/
Introduction "Tokyo National Museum & Kaiyodo official figure project, archaeological miniatures" 1.Jar with human mask decorations 2.Dogu (clay figurine) 3.Dancing people(terra-cotta tomb figurine) 4.Dancing people(terra-cotta tomb figurine) 5.Dotaku (bell-shaped bronze) 6.Dog(terra-cotta tomb figurine) Film and Sound by Kenichi Sasaki Blog http://ningen.info/2010/12/06/348/
It is the southern bend typical house built before about 200 years from now. 〜 in Tono, Iwate, Japan
2011 02/06 [Sun] @TOKYO CULTURE CLUTUREAt Miraikan, Tokyo Film and Music Kenichi Sasaki (Blog 1, 2, 3)
Otona no Kagaku Vol30 supplement "THEO JENSEN'S MINI STRANDBEEST" Film and Music: Kenichi Sasaki (Music Nikutarashii OngakuBlog
"HistoryMeeting" Harley-Davidson Rikuyu